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Community Engaged Narrative event: "Stories from the More-than-human world"

I've been invited to join a panel discussion “Stories of the ‘More-than-human’ World” on Thursday, February 2, from 3-5pm at the McMaster Centre for Continuing Education. You can register for the event here: The sponsor of the panel is the Centre for Community Engaged Narrative Arts ( CCENA ) and this is only their second Long Table Gathering of the Year. So, yes, honored to be invited! I'll be excitedly chatting about Lot M/Coldspring Valley with some cool people, and engaging in an open discussion, so I get to learn while I'm there too! Hope you can make it out, and share your experience too! If you ever want a tour, grab 3 friends and I'll set you up to visit the site!

Subterranean Hamilton: Ghost Rivers

CBC Hamilton brings attention to the buried creeks in the city, and talks to some Restore Cootes allies about the work they are doing in Lot M. McMaster Biology's Reyna Matties and Geography and Earth Sciences' Dr. Mike Waddington are featured in the article by CBC Hamilton 's Samantha Craggs. Mike was one of the first professors to really get behind Restore Cootes' project to have McMaster depave the parking lot and look for ways to enhance and protect the health of the adjacent Ancaster Creek. Link to CBC Hamilton article: Restore Cootes and McMaster Biology leading a history and science tour at Parking Lot M after the de-paving (note, commenters on the CBC article rightly point out the problem with this sentence: "Centuries ago, Hamilton was a blanket of lush green space. Then along came humans, who wanted more space to build." - of course there were already people here who