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Revision Re-Vision

*Revised Interim Internal Traffic and Parking Report, June 1969 H.G. Acres & Company Limited Toronto Canada "By 1980, a demand for 7,057 parking spaces is forecast for the total university population and visitors. A continuous parking development program, estimated to cost $10,890,000, will be necessary over the years 1968 to 1980 to accommodate this demand. Because the central campus is limited in space, additional parking facilities must be located on the west campus. A bus service connecting the west and central campuses could be established if a demand arises." 7,057 spaces by 1980?: In 2007 there were 4,714 parking spaces on the main campus, with the largest parking zones located west of the main campus in what were formerly Zones 6 and 7, now lots "M" and "N".(Becker, 9), a difference of 2,343 parking spaces! The rationale to expand parking into west campus, which was formerly a part of the Royal Botanical Gardens' "Coldspring

Litter Clean Up, Saturday, June 4

McMaster Litter Clean-Up in Lot M Parking-Ancaster Creek View Litter Clean-Up in a larger map Time Begins at  June 4th 11:00 AM EDT ending on  June 4th 1:00 PM EDT Location Lot M, McMaster Parking (west of Cootes Drive) Organizers opirg McMaster, Restore Cootes Help clean up litter from McMaster's parking lot "M" next to the lovely Ancaster Creek. This large parking area abuts the creek and is in need of some tender loving care. The area on the other side of the creek is home to deer, turtles, beaver, hawks, and coyotes, to name a few residents. We will meet at 11am Saturday, June 4, during World Environment Week, in the parking lots west of Cootes Drive, in Zone "M" Bags and gloves will be provided. The Hamilton Conservation Authority will be supplying beverages and light snacks! Afterward, we can explore the area and uncover the history of how the Royal Botanical Gardens Coldspring Valley Trails became McMaster Parking. For more i

The Becker Recommendations

The 5 recommendations from Jessica Becker's Masters Thesis : these recommendations would aid travel demand management efforts to reduce car dependency at McMaster University, and would therefore assist  rehabilitation of effected natural areas. The five are: Discourage Single-Occupant Car Use Prior to Permit Assignment Actively Provide Transit Information with a Trial Pass Improved and Regular Recognition and Rewards Increased Number of Pre-Paid Parking Options Prohibit Increases to Parking Infrastructure and its Planning For now let's look in detail at the final recommendation (#5): "Finally, it must be noted that the addition of further infrastructure is not recommended. With the completion of the new stadium and its underground parking facilities, the number of parking stalls on the campus will be elevated to that of what they were prior to the construction of the new residences and other facilities. Providing more parking will make it easier for those alrea