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Waiting on Maplewood

Monday, December, 16, 2013 - 12:12:29 PM Call for ‘hard facts’ freezes Dundas Valley lease bid Advisory board seeks answers on costs, regulatory approvals By Richard Leitner, Dundas Star News Staff A Hamilton Conservation Authority proposal to lease a former Dundas Valley outdoor education centre to a private school is on hold to allow for a more rigorous analysis of the financial implications and potential regulatory hurdles. Members of the conservation advisory board referred the proposal back to staff after hearing from 10 delegations, all but two of them opposing a bid by Strata Montessori Adolescent School to rent the Artaban Road centre for 15 years. The lease is one of four options offered for the former Resource Management Centre, now called Maplewood Hall, with the others being demolition, upgrading it as a rental facility and mothballing it for future use. Advisory board member Duke O’Sullivan said there are still too many unanswered questions on the lease, i

Zero out of Ten?

DUNDAS VALLEY: 50 Year Vision: Strategic Directions Preserve and enhance the connectivity of ecosystems in the Valley and explore the  co-benefits of connecting with the Cootes to the Escarpment strategy. Preserve the escarpment and rural countryside, including selected vistas. Protect rare, endangered and species at risk in the Valley area. Combat the impact of invasive and nuisance species within the Valley. Protect and enhance the health of streams, watercourses, and waterfalls. Maintain and protect local architectural and natural heritage Promote green business practices within the community. Develop farmer generated mechanism to develop public support for agriculture and i ncrease the awareness of the importance of local agriculture as both an activity and a  lifestyle and Support the promotion of locally grown and processed crops in close  proximity to residents. Support the implementation of the City of Hamilton’s ‘special character’ roads  through the Valley. Deve

Maplewood Muffed

Here's the Hamilton Spectator report of the meeting last night: Bulldozer or school for Maplewood Hall? By Daniel Nolan , Hamilton Spectator, December 13, 2013 ANCASTER The first chair of what became the Hamilton Conservation Authority is admonishing authority members for considering the placement of a Montessori school in an old hall in the centre of Dundas Valley. Waiting at Woodend for Advisory Board to Begin Thomas Beckett, a retired judge who served as chair of the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority from 1966-1971, was involved in buying the 8-hectare parcel of land in 1968 that contains Maplewood Hall. He told members of the conservation advisory board Thursday night the then-owners — the Anglican Diocese of Niagara — could have sold the land to a commercial operator, but wanted to make sure the Artaban Road land became part of the public domain. "If it was Sister Theresa or Mr. Mandela, I'd still oppose this," said Beckett. "It doesn&

Future of Maplewood: Meeting Tonight!

Come out to the Hamilton Conservation Authority "Conservation Advisory Board" meeting tonight:  Thursday 12th December, 2013 at the HCA main office at 7 p.m.   Directions to "Woodend" (HCA Main Office) download map in pdf format From Toronto: Take Highway 403 West to Hamilton and climb the escarpment to the Rousseau (Mohawk Road) exit.  At the third stoplight, turn left onto Wilson Street in Ancaster  At the first stoplight on Wilson, turn right onto Sulphur Springs Road. Travel to the T‐ intersection (3 way stop) Turn right at this intersection. This is still Sulphur Springs Road. Proceed down the hill into the valley  Stay on the paved road for approximately 2 kilometres, it becomes Mineral Springs just past the entrance to the Hermitage The HCA main office is the stone building on the left side. Drive over small hill to 3rd driveway to visitors parking. Reception is located at the top of the wooden stairs.  From Brantford: Take Highway 403 e