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Response from McMaster re: Parking Lot M

McMaster University Office of the Provost Vice-President (Academic) Ext. 24301 May 10, 2011 Mr. Randy Kay Restore Cootes P.O. Box 19 1280 Main Street West Hamilton ON L8R 1Y3 Dear Mr. Kay, Thank you for your letter of March 31 , 2011, addressed, inter alia, to University Planning Committee. I am responding as Chair of the University Planning Committee. We share your interest in retaining and enhancing the beauty of Cootes Paradise and our surrounding environment. Your reference from our Campus Master Plan is evidence of our commitment, as is our alternative modes of transportation through increased biking facilities and car sharing. Our Office of Sustainability is actively engaged in improving our environment and engages students and faculty in support of our goals. Their annual report can be found at Unfortunately, the demand for vehicular transportat

how to pick up a turtle...

Take care on Cootes Drive and Olympic Drive, a turtle hotspot!

Litman on Land Use

An important and timely contribution to the literature on the vast waste of land for car-parks, from Todd Litman, Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute . ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWS AND CASE STUDIES: Why and How to Reduce the Amount of Land Paved for Roads and Parking Facilities Todd Litman (2011). Environmental Practice , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2011 pp 38-46