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RBG presents: Project Paradise Open House February 24, 2011, 7 to 9 pm   RBG Centre (café annex), 680 Plains Road West, Burlington The RBG wetland restoration staff are presenting information on the progress of the restoration  of Cootes Paradise. How did the marsh restoration progress despite the Fishway being underwater for two days in March 2010. This is a free event sponsored by Environment Canada (Great Lakes Sustainability Fund), and provides an opportunity to visit with our staff. It includes a mixture of presentations and displays in the café annex.

only natural

A flood warning for Dundas features this news: "flooding in low-lying areas along Lower Spencer Creek" - which would only be a problem if humans built roads, houses, and businesses on floodplains. Which they did. Flood advisory issued for Dundas The Hamilton Conservation Authority has issued a warning to Dundas residents of possible flooding in low-lying areas along Lower Spencer Creek Friday. The warm weather over the last two days has broken up the ice over the creek, resulting in an ice jam at the Thorpe Street Bridge, according to the authority. Officials are warning drivers to be careful when travelling in the area bounded by East Street, Dundas Street and King Street East and Cootes Drive, where there is possible roadway overtopping. Olympic Drive may also be affected. Spencer Creek is expected to peak later Friday evening as temperatures drop. The authority is also warning people to keep children and pets away from all creeks at this time. Officials are continuing t