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half a highway is better than a whole one

August 2001 - two of four lanes on Cootes Drive closed for a public works project.

New group forming to 'restore Cootes'

By Craig Campbell Staff Writer Dundas Star News (Wednesday, August 8, 2001) Page 7 Imagine Cootes Drive - the four lane access between West Hamilton and Dundas - completely torn up and replaced by the natural marsh land that was there over fifty years ago. It may seem unrealistic, but a Dundas resident is starting a group to push for the change. And an ecologist with the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority actually likes the idea. "It's quite interesting," said Bruce Duncan, of the HRCA. "Can it be done? That's the million dollar question." Last week, Randy Kay sent out a press release to 500 people on an e-mail discussion list. It called for a permanent closure of the road that separates the nature preserve of Cootes Paradise and the Spencer Creek Watershed. Cootes Drive is temporarily down to two lanes during construction this month. "We're totally serious about getting the road out of there, at some point," Mr. Kay sai